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Vertical Milling Service for Test Coupon for the Mineralogical and Metallurgical Industry

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Abrasion Paddle

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Abrasion Paddle Print

At American Manufacturing Co., we are responsible for the production of a series of abrasion test paddles that are used by advanced research companies throughout the world. These paddles are employed as test coupons, helping our consumers determine the abrasiveness of numerous forms of media. Abrasion paddles work by being precisely weighed prior to placement in the test booth. After the paddles are continuously sprayed with an abrasive over a determined period of time, the paddles are then removed and re-weighed. The material that is removed helps calculate the level of abrasiveness of a certain substance.

Upholding a ( ± ) .001 inch precision tolerance, and using a combination of advanced machining processes, American Manufacturing constructs these test paddles out of strong, alloy steel. Employing vertical milling machinery to construct the basic form of each paddle, we then heat treat the products, providing them with a specific hardness rating. Thorough testing is performed to ensure that this hardness measurement meets 100% client specifications.

After the products are heat treated and tested, we then perform precision grinding, allowing each unit to obtain a minimum surface finish of 32 on all faces. Possessing an overall part dimension ranging from one to four inches, our paddles weigh approximately four ounces. With an order volume ranging from 25 to 350 units, we provide 3 to 4 week manufacturing and delivery turnaround of our custom built paddles to clients from the mineralogical/metallurgical industries located throughout the world, including USA, Russia, Chile, and Canada.

Abrasion Paddle CAD Drawing

pdf Click here to view the Abrasion Paddle CAD Drawing
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Project Specifications

Product Description: Test coupon for determining abrasiveness of different media

Capabilities Applied: Milling
Heat Treat
Surface Grind

Material: Alloy Steel

Equipment Used: Vertical Mill
Surface Grinder

Overall part dim: Range from 4" to 1"

Tightest tolerance: ( ± ).001

In process testing performed: 100% B.H.N. inspection

Estimated Part Weight: 4 oz.

Volume: 25-350 Units/Order

Industry for Use: Mineralogical / Metallurgical

Delivery Location: 

Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks complete

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