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Custom Metal Fabrication of Anti-Friction Dimpled Chute for the Food Packaging Industry

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Anti-Friction Dimpled Chute

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Dimpled Chute

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Manufactured Dimpled Chute

After their original OEM units fractured at mounting locations, a client from the food packaging industry contacted American Manufacturing Co. to construct a series of replacement chutes for the packaging of different types and sizes of sausages. We quickly employed a variety of machining processes to build chutes that were more durable. With our advanced technology and superior construction capabilities, we were able to produce several hard-wearing, replacement chutes that priced 170% below original manufacturing costs.

Employing our superior equipment, such as a brake press and a slip roll, and upholding a tight, precision tolerance of (±) .015 inches, we combined a series of services, including forming, rolling, and milling, to manufacture the units. Using eighteen gauge, 316 stainless steel material, the parts measured forty inches in length and seven inches in width. And, each part weighed seven pounds.

After the chutes were constructed, custom dies were applied, creating 176 anti-friction dimples across the entire length of the chute. This geometry allows for sausages to slide down the chute without tearing the casing. Producing up to five units per order, each chute successfully met client expectations. Using our advanced manufacturing services, we provided our client with more durable, cost-efficient chutes to be used by the food processing industry.

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Project Specifications

Product Description: Chute for sausage packaging system

Capabilities Applied: 
Custom Die work

Equipment used: Brake press
Slip Roll

Overall part dim: 40" long x 7" wide

Tightest tolerance: ±.015"

Material used: 18 gauge 316 SS

Part weight: 7 lbs.

Volume: 5 Units/Order

Industry: Food Packaging

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