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Machine Fabrication & Custom Design of Elliptical Banner for the Travel Industry

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Elliptical Ring

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Designed Fabricated Rings

Employed on multiple cruise ships during their parade ceremonies, a client from the travel industry contracted American Manufacturing Co. to construct a series of logo rings, along with carts that would be used for the safe transportation and storage of the rings. Combining many of our advanced machining services, including rolling, fabrication, welding, and painting, we were able to construct high-quality rings, as well as all accompanying transportation and storage carts, to be used aboard cruise ships.

At first, we provided designs for each product based on client based requirements. Due to size and weight restrictions aboard ships, we were given precise parameters from our customer. Once the client approved our designs, we began production.

Upholding a (±) .015 inch precision tolerance, we constructed each logo and cart from aluminum tubing and sheets. The rings measured 72 x 64 inches elliptically. The carts measured 74 inches long, 34 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. Each ring weighed 23 pounds, while each cart weighed 74 pounds. Per customer order, we built 4 to 18 rings and 1 to 3 carts. Employing a series of our advanced technology, including a tubing roller, ban saw, welder, and vertical and horizontal mill, we were able to fabricate high-quality logo rings and carts for our travel client, meeting high customer expectations.

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Steel Fabrication
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Designed Elliptical Ring
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Elliptical Ring On Cart

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Storage Cart
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Transport Cart

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Project Specifications

Product Description: Elliptical banner for cruise ship parade and cart for storage and transportation

Capabilities Applied: 

Equipment used: 
Tubing Roller
Ban Saw
Vertical Mill
Horizontal Mill

Overall part dim: 72"x 64" ellipse
74" long x 34" wide x 36" tall cart

Tightest tolerance: ±.015"

Material used: 1.250" sq. aluminum tube
1.0" sq. aluminum tube
1/8" aluminum sheet

Part weight: Ring-23 lbs.

Volume: Rings 4-18 Units/Order
Cart 1-3 Units/Order

Industry: Travel

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